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THUR [3.30] – G Jones @ Yost Theater

G Jones at Yost | March 30, 2017
Thursday [3.30] - G Jones @ Yost Theater Tickets - Click Here Guestlist - Click Here G Jones - Few artist of electron genera sounds quite the same as G Jones. Site influence as Epormm, Bossnector, JD Shadow Carmack, as part as rich music community internet culture, Jones taking to the next sound a sense of fresh breath air. A staple Aemercan touring DJ circuit, known as playing for Re...
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WED [3.22] – Jinco & Friends @ Bar Ellipsis

Jinco and Friends at Bar Ellipsis | March 22, 2017
Wednesday [3.22] - Jinco & Friends @ Bar Ellipsis Tickets - Click Here  Guestlist - Click Here Choppa Dunks - Born in the small island country of Bermuda, Choppa Dunks has been involved in music since he was a toddler. After playing the drums in a successful reggae band for 4 years, Choppa decided to move to the US to bring his music career to the next level. Choppa attended Berkl...
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THUR [3.23] – Lny Tnz @ Yost Theater

Lny Tnz at Yost | March 23, 2017
Thursday [3.23] - Lny Tnz @ Yost Theater Tickets - Click Here Guestlist - Click Here Lny Tnz - They ‘don’t give a f*ck about tomorrow’ or the boundaries of the EDM genre. Teaming up in their hometown, Vlaardingen, in 2004, Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders formed LNY TNZ with the shared passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. The group rapidly made a name for themselv...
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THUR [3.16] – Drezo, Bijou, Bones @ Yost Theater

Drezo at Yost | March 16, 2017
Thursday [3.16] - Drezo, Bijou, Bones @ Yost Theater Tickets - Click Here Guestlist - Click Here Drezo - It is rare now in a music scene of tiring trends for an artist to break the mold and make a statement creatively that people can connect to. However, based in Los Angeles, Drezo challenges the mainstream standard by staying true to his own powerful underground sound of house music....
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